Break the boundaries of product development

Break the boundaries of product development

Do you feel that your company's way of developing products dates back to the 1980s or beyond? Even the best tools will not help if the product development processes are not developed.

Separate blocks of product development

Product development often or, at least, should be based on customer needs. What the customer wants is the most important issue that sales people are constantly thinking about. Once the customer's needs are transformed into the features of the upcoming product, product development can begin. Often, we start with concept design that gives the product boundary conditions, both formal and functional. From this point on, design and engineering continue. Purchasing and manufacturing are also included in the processing of the product. Sales and marketing would want something for sale or at least visual and feature material for the upcoming hit product. Familiar, does not it? The challenge is the boundary walls shown in the picture below, which differentiate between the responsibilities (and freedom) of each department. However, today's increasingly intense product development does not provide opportunities to complete the product on schedule, at least without transferring extra resources to development.

Break the boundaries of product development!

The modern product development process no longer proceeds in a clear sequence of steps, but the various parties are involved in the overall development of the product. Tagged flexible product development is to promote openness, working together and utilizing each party's maximum yields. We at MekSystems have been developing design processes for more than a decade and we have seen an increased need for information transfer between different parties. Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your processes, choose the right tools, and implement changes.


06 August 2019


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