Codesystems Finland’s Autodesk Exchange Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

Codesystems’ Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

Add RAL Color Appearance

Note! There is a specific version for each Inventor version: List of apps for different Inventor versions

Add RAL Color Appearance gives you opportunity to create Inventor Appearance based on RAL Color table. You can also select the appearance base style from Generic to Wall Paint and so for get the appearance more realistic than just correct RGB value.

Start the Add RAL Color Appearance command under Tools tab, from the CodeSystems panel.

The Add RAL Color Appearance button in Inventor.


Option Description
RAL Color table Shows the Code, Description, RBG value and illustration. Select the row you want.
New Using Type Select the appearance type.
Add also Description to the Appearance Name If selected the Appearance name will include also Description.
e.g. RAL 1005 Honey Yellow.
Product Page Opens product page in your web browser
Info Opens product page in your web browser
OK Opens product page in your web browser.
Apply Creates the Appearance and add it to the Appearance Browser and Exit.
Add-in's main window

Adding an Appearance to a component or face

You can add the appearance to the component through the Appearance Browser:
Select the component or face(s) and right click and select Assign to Selection.

Alternatively, you can also use the drop-down list in Inventor.

Right click + Assign to Selection
Assign Appearance by drop-down list

App-in Information

In Info page you’ll find the general information regarding platform, the app-in and Inventor. If you want to contact us for support, please click Copy to Clipboard and then Start Contact Form. The contact form will appear and you can paste information and describe your problem.

App-in's information window

Known issues

After creating RAL appearance, its preview picture in Appearance Browser is not shown correctly. However if you add appearance to the model it will appear correctly. If you make manually any modification for the appearance the preview picture updates correctly.

After Appearance creation
After Appearance manual modification:

Custom Applications

Alongside Autodesk Exchange Apps that are available for everyone to download, Meksystems also produces custom applications for various products and design purposes. If your company has a need for a specific type of application solution, we hope to be able to help through our custom application development services.