Codesystems Finland’s Autodesk Exchange Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

Codesystems’ Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

Flat Pattern Extends to Parameters

Note for Inventor users enabling the add-in!

Note! Inventor 2025 users has to install completely new version. Check all versions from Autodesk Apps Store.

Flat Pattern Extents to Parameters saves the sheet metal part’s extents information to the Inventor parameters. You can launch the command not only manually but also automatically during saving the document.

Start the Flat Pattern Extents to Parameters command under Sheet Metal tab, CodeSystems panel.

Note! The part has to have Flat Pattern created before launching the app-in.

The Flat Pattern Extends to Parameter button in Inventor


Element Description
Flat Pattern Extents Shows the length, width and area of the flat pattern.
Save Extents to Parameters During Save When selected saves the parameters automatically to parameters during save.
Default: False
Product Page Opens product page in your web browser.
Info Opens a window with workstation information. More information below.
OK Saves the Extents to Parameters and Exit.
Add-in's main window


When exiting from the dialog with OK, or after save (if Save Extents to Parameters During Save is selected) you’ll get three parameters.

Note! You can manipulate the parameter’s format by right clicking the parameter row and selecting Custom Property Format.

These modifications will affect how the value is presented in Custom iProperties.

Custom Property Format window

Adjusting Units

If you want to adjust component’s general units and number of decimals start Document Settings under Tools tab, Options panel.

Document Settings window

App-in Information

In Info page you’ll find the general information regarding platform, the app-in and Inventor. If you want to contact us for support, please click Copy to Clipboard and then Start Contact Form. The contact form will appear and you can paste information and describe your problem.

App-in's information window

Custom Applications

Alongside Autodesk Exchange Apps that are available for everyone to download, Meksystems also produces custom applications for various products and design purposes. If your company has a need for a specific type of application solution, we hope to be able to help through our custom application development services.