Codesystems Finland’s Autodesk Exchange Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

Codesystems’ Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

PDF AutoSave Premium

Note! There is a different version for every Inventor version: List of apps for different Inventor versions.

PDF AutoSave Premium saves the copy of the Inventor drawing automatically to PDF during Save command. Unlike original PDF AutoSave, Premium version has multiple options for file naming and saving locations.

Note! PDF AutoSave Premium works only when drawing is saved after modification. It does not make a PDF if the drawing has not changed.

To start, click the PdfAutoSave Options Prm under Tools tab, CodeSystems panel.

The PdfAutoSave Options button in Inventor.


Element Description
Print Range: Current Sheet Print only the current sheet.
Print Range: All Sheets Print all sheets.
Print Range: Sheets in Range Enter the start and end page number.
Print Range: Print Excluded Sheets Print also pages which are marked excluded in Inventor.
Print Range: Exclude if ExcludePDF is True From version 2025: If drawing custom iProperty “ExcludePDF” (Yes/No) is set to Yes, PDF is not created.
Settings: All Colors as Black Print all geometry as black.
Settings: Remove Object Line Weights Remove the line weights.
Settings: Overwrite Read-Only File Overwrite existing file even it is Read-Only
Settings: Create OLE link to Drawing Create OLE link between PDF and Inventor drawing.
If this is not selected, the add-in will remove an existing OLE link.
Vector Resolution Select the print resolution.
PDF file Name: Read from Properties Create PDF based on selected iProperties or Title Block Attributes.
PDF file Name: Model iProperties Reads iProperties from model that exist in the first view in drawing sheet.
PDF file Name: Drawing iProperties Reads iProperties from the drawing sheet.
PDF file Name: Drawing Title Block Reads Title Block’s attributes from the drawing sheet.
PDF file Name: File Name Enter properties/attributes you want to read. All properties between <> marks.
e.g. . You can also enter fixed text here.
PDF file Name: Remove if Last Character is For example you create file name from Part Number – Revision Number and your “0 revision” is empty field.
Enter here “-” and you will get “Part Number.pdf” instead of “Part Number-.pdf”.
PDF file Name: One PDF Based on First Sheet Information When selected one PDF file is made based on first sheet information.
If not selected multiple PDF files are made based on individual information from every sheet.
If several sheets in a row have similar information all those pages are plotted into same file.
Saving Folder If empty PDF is created into same directory as the drawing.
Product Page Opens the product page in your web browser
Add-in's main window

App-in Information

In Info page you’ll find the general information regarding platform, the app-in and Inventor. If you want to contact us for support, please click Copy to Clipboard and then Start Contact Form. The contact form will appear and you can paste information and describe your problem.

App-in's information window

Custom Applications

Alongside Autodesk Exchange Apps that are available for everyone to download, Meksystems also produces custom applications for various products and design purposes. If your company has a need for a specific type of application solution, we hope to be able to help through our custom application development services.