Codesystems Finland’s Autodesk Exchange Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

Codesystems’ Apps are now distributed by Meksystems!

Quick Properties

Note! There is a specific version for every Inventor version:  List of apps for different Inventor versions

Quick Properties is a specific window where you can see and edit active document iProperties or selected component’s iProperties.

If selected component is “read-only”or is a library component the dialog will only show the iProperties without possibility to modification.

When Quick Properties is launched for the first time it will create three iProperties: Part Number, Description and Revision number.

When selecting component Quick Properties window will show current iProperties. After modification select Save to add the modification to the component.

Note! iProperties are saved to component after next time saving Inventor document.

New feature in 2020-> version

In drawing if you select Drawing view you can see and modify the model Properties. If you select drawing curve in the view you can see and modify the component Properties.

How to select iProperties for Quick Properties

If you want to modify Properties just click Options in the Quick Properties Browser pane.

Other options

Option Description
Window visible when open Activates Quick Properties Window after opening the document. Note! you can also make window visible/unvisible under View tab,  User Interface panel.
Product Page Opens product page in your web browser.
Info Opens a window with workstation information. More information below.
Product Page Opens product page in your web browser

App-in Information

In Info page you’ll find the general information regarding platform, the app-in and Inventor. If you want to contact us for support, please click Copy to Clipboard and then Start Contact Form. The contact form will appear and you can paste information and describe your problem.

App-in's information window

Custom Applications

Alongside Autodesk Exchange Apps that are available for everyone to download, Meksystems also produces custom applications for various products and design purposes. If your company has a need for a specific type of application solution, we hope to be able to help through our custom application development services.