MekSystems has been awarded the Dun & Bradstreet Lowest Credit Risk certificate

Again, Meksystems Oy has been awarded with the highest category ‘Platinum AAA’ rating by Bisnode Oy, a Nordic credit rating agency. Requirements for getting the highest credit rating are among others: Significantly better than average financial ratios, positive background and payment behavior, and sufficient volume of operations. Similarly, our company has been awarded the Bisnode [...]


Drawings to PDF with structure in XML

Customer wanted to publish automatically drawings to PDF (with different file name and revision) and also extract the assembly structure with properties to be used in general data management system. Check it out how we solved customer's problem and saved lot of time with automatizing the process and removing duplicate Property data entering. Read more [...]


Inventor BOM by color custom application

Imagine the situation where you have exactly the same component where only difference is color. How to separate those components to the different items? Yes, on solution is to make separate components / color but what if customer has a possibility to choose the color from the RAL list... Check it out how we solved [...]


Change State for both files and items at the same time

Our customer is using Vault for both file and item management. How ever, not all the files have item card assigned and it was time taking to change state first for files and after that for items. Check it out how we solved customer's challenge. Read more


Copy to Project App is now added into our custom software portfolio

Our customer had a huge challenge with copying design modules from Vault template library to the new project. Vault's Design Copy command is very slow to use when you have to make 150 + copies / day. Check it out how we solved customer's challenge. Read more

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