Copy to Project is application for copying files effectively to the project in Autodesk Vault.

Customer challenge

Customer’s designing is project oriented based on large number of standard and variable modules. All together approx. 30 designers are involved this process. Challenge was copying effectively variable modules to the project. These modules include both variable and standard sub-assemblies and components, so designer must be very careful what to copy and what to re-use. Variable models include also related drawings. Designer can create from 50 to 150 project-centric modules per working day and with normal Vault Process this is very time consuming.

Normal vault process without Meksystems’ application

  1. User selects the assembly in Vault, right-click: Copy Design
  2. User selects the project-centric variable models for copy and target Folder: Copy To
  3. Execute Copy, Exit from Copy Design
  4. User goes to target folder and selects all the new models and drawings, selects project centric properties: Edit Selected Properties
  5. User enters new values to the properties, Update.
  6. New assembly is now ready for use: Insert into CAD places assembly to active Inventor assembly.

Process with Meksystems’ application

  1. User selects the assembly in Vault, right-click: Copy to assembly
  2. User gets the dialog for entering project-centric Properties, entering target folder
  3. New copied assembly is placed automatically in active Inventor assembly.


After publishing our application, designers not only speed-up their design work significantly but also reduced typing errors with properties.


This application is tailor made for enterprise use. Therefore, pricing is varying from 5000 – 30000 EUR/USD /site regarding customer needs.