Customer challenge

Our customer has a generic document management system where they are storing all documents regarding their products. Engineering department is using Vault for keeping track of engineering related documentation and revisioning. Engineering department exported both AutoCAD and Inventor drawings to PDF, imported them into generic document management system and created “document cards” and relationships between different documents. All this was made manually, and it was very time consuming.

Meksystems’ DWF to PDF in Vault server application

We provided server-side application where “released” AutoCAD and Inventor drawings are published automatically from DWF to PDF by batch processing. Also, model properties and document structure are exported as xml files by the same application. Customer’s document management system supplier made an application where all PDFs where imported automatically to the system and all needed properties and document relations were created by xml files our application provided.


As a result, customer got a fully automatized process where engineering department could use Vault as a powerful CAD document and lifecycle platform without spending any time to upload maintain the documents in generic document management system.