Customer Challenge

Customer has a wide variety of modularized assemblies which are used to create customer specific products. However, their customer can define the colors of the components from RAL color chart. So, the number of possible color combinations is almost infinite. Color dependency creates also challenges to production: At early stage of manufacturing, the components are the same if the material and shape is the same. But when approaching painting, you need to know how many of the components are painted by yellow and what to red and extract the BOM by color.

From Autodesk Inventor point of view, you can create separate components (files) by color, but it is very time consuming to create components for every color.

Challenge solved by Meksystems’ application


  1. Designer creates customer specific product “as black” without colors. For manufacturing we can use Inventor’s BOM.
  2. On assembly level designer adds colors to the components using Codesystems’ cSys Add RAL Color Appearance application.
  3. Designer starts command Create color separated BOM for ERP application. E.g. if then same ipt is used three times in the assembly but all components have different color, ERP list will have those components in separate BOM rows.


Customer can now create different color configurations for the quotations very quickly and create exact BOM list for ERP by one command.


This application is tailor made for enterprise use. Therefore, pricing is varying from 5000– 30000 EUR/USD /site regarding customer needs.