Meksystems provided a set of automatized routines for our customer regarding creation of product installation instructions in Autodesk Inventor. Pictorial Parts List command is one of those routines.

Customer challenge

Our customer is creating 3D products based on standardized modules. The 2D installation instructions must be truly clear because they are used by common people. Especially parts list must be pictorial. Customer’s parts list information is read from Vault Professional’s Bill of material and the result they want to show is not a typical “Tree View” or “Parts only” BOM structure.

Process with Meksystems’ application

  1. User creates the product model in Autodesk Inventor.
  2. User checks in the model to Autodesk Vault and assigns/updates Item card and Bill of Materials.
  3. User starts Create Parts List command in Inventor and it will create a correct parts list based on BOM and component bitmaps in Vault.


The part list creation time is significantly lower and error free when comparing to the manual process.

Note! The result picture in this page is made from Autodesk’s standard sample assembly.


This application is tailor made for enterprise use. Therefore, pricing is varying from 5000 – 15000 EUR/USD /site regarding customer needs.