The ever-changing needs of today’s global world have given challenges for product development in Finnish design and manufacturing. The products produced must be globally competitive in terms of both price and quality. At the same time, customer needs have become more individual, creating demands on the lifecycle management of a product and its versions. Instead of just designing products, we need to study the effects of the product on the business processes of the entire company. Below you can find a short portfolio of services we have provided for our customers in Finland and abroad.

Custom Applications

Together with our sister company CodeSystems Finland Inc., MekSystems have produced solutions for over two thousand companies worldwide. CodeSystems provides the highest standard solutions for both Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault users. You can find these solutions more easily through the Autodesk Apps Store. MekSystems, on the other hand, focuses on successful customer-specific consulting, training, and customized additional software.

Software Products

Our software products are tools in our over-all solutions we provide to our customers.

We represent not only market leaders  3D SystemsAutodesk ja Chaos Group products but also smaller software applications which are important additions in our solutions for our customers.

3D Scanners

3D scanners have been considered expensive, especially if the model requires less than 0.1mm resolution and often 3D scans are commissioned as a service.

With two different versions, RangeVision scanners bring scanning to every business in terms of price, ease of use and quality.