MekSystems Services

The ever-changing needs of today’s global world have given challenges for product development in Finnish design and manufacturing. The products produced must be globally competitive in terms of both price and quality. At the same time, customer needs have become more individual, creating demands on the lifecycle management of a product and its versions. Instead of just designing products, we need to study the effects of the product on the business processes of the entire company. Below you can find a short portfolio of services we have provided for our customers in Finland and abroad.

Product business process survey and development

We perform business process assessments for our customers, which include:

  • reviewing and mapping product-related processes
  • setting targets and goals
  • identification of change needs
  • solutions and their impact on operations.

Product design and engineering process consulting

Cost-effective development of CAD system

Cost-effective development of CAD system

Design document and product data management

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Every manufactured product or service has a life cycle. It may involve design, purchase, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

PLM myths

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has become one of the trends in operational efficiency and tools have entered the market that break myths about PLM’s challenges: heavy start-up costs related to deployment consulting and the cost of the product solution itself, rigid scalability, and difficulty in determining return on investment (ROI).

Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle PLM is a cloud-based solution that is accessed directly through an Internet browser. It’s cost-effective and with the “Apps” it contains, you can produce your own product lifecycle quickly and visually.

MekSystems helps you define, implement and further develop your PLM needs.

Interfaces between different data sources

Modern efficient design also retrieves and produces information for the surrounding systems. Our strengths are:

  • Data transfer between CAD system and Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) and Material Requirements Planning system (MRP)
  • Data transfer between product data management and MRP / ERP system
  • Software development for publication of drawings and related information for the company’s generic information management systems

MekSystems software and software development

Together with our sister company CodeSystems Finland Inc., MekSystems have produced solutions for over two thousand companies worldwide. CodeSystems provides the highest standard solutions for both Autodesk Inventor and Autodesk Vault users. You can find these solutions more easily through the Autodesk Apps Store. MekSystems, on the other hand, focuses on successful customer-specific consulting, training, and customized additional software.

Remote working

We work very well on remote environment using MS Teams, TeamViewer and GoToMeeting. Remote working eliminates the traveling costs and response for challenges is almost immediate.

Read more of applications we have made for our customers: